"Wino" - The Good Names Are Taken


music video

In March 2015, I responded to a call for a graphic designer from one of my favorite musicians of all-time, Val Emmich. (go LIKE his page here: https://www.facebook.com/valemmichmusic).


I responded, I managed a few successful Skype sessions (despite how insane it is to get to Skype someone you've idolized since like age 12), and he called upon me to create a stop motion music video for a very special song of his, of which I closely align with, named "Wino."


I pined and pined over this project - it took almost over 6 months -which I worked on while gallivanting across Europe - from that initial call to action to the final edit. Essentially, I became the girl in the story - the people I was working with became my only reality and my close friends, and it was quite the phenomenal, beautiful wake-up call to realize this. Val puts the whole process into words very nicely here:


     "When you watch the video, I think you’ll get a sense of why it took so long to make. It’s a

     painstakingly detailed piece of work. The video is actually a compilation of countless still shots.

     Each  frame took a tremendous amount of planning and execution. And most of all, heart. Kim put

     her entire being into it. And because of that, it took a lot out of her. But that’s what we crazy people do.

     And it’s worth it. "


(more on this:



If you love the video, let someone know. I'm so honored and excited to have realized one of my childhood dreams (working for a favorite singer/songwriter was a REAL bucket list item of mine), and I am incredibly thankful to have received the opportunity to play my skills up against a real-time artist through such a close collaboration.


Enjoy "Wino."





Download Val Emmich's "The Good Names Are Taken" for a  donation (or free) here:



Soy the World with Piyakorn Chaiverapundech


data visualization

Fenomény GDVK 205 Soy the world Piyakorn Chaiverapundech, Kim Schneider

Posted by GDVK on Friday, June 12, 2015

Soybean oil is dangerous. It's in everything we eat, and is one of the hardest foods for our bodies to digest. It also leads to a ton of diseases and disorders, but in a way it's inevitable, with our current lifestyle & the outlook on mass food production. Over the spring of 2015, I had the opportunity of working with the AMAZING Piyakorn Chaiverapundech on the phenomenon surrounding the disinformation of soybean oil for our final project at UMPRUM - and his expertise, design skills, and major leadership throughout this project will never stop making me smile.

Vesmír Magazine Re-Design Proposal


print design

My first major assignment at art school was to re-design a Czech science magazine, called Vesmír (universe). This was awesome & exciting to me, as I'd just come off nearly three years of working for the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory & creating scientific publications and PR materials all of the time - but we'll get to that later (below).


I designed & redesigned my own work constantly in our studio in Prague, gracefully overlooking the Vlatava river and the Prague Castle - and my magazine went from what you could consider a "travel magazine style" (examples above & below) and evolved into something much more scientific - which I hear was chosen as a design finalist in the spring of 2015.

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory


PR materials

I've worked at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory for almost four years as of spring 2016, and there is not much I can say to properly encapsulate the types of design experience I've gained from this family of scientists and friends I have who reside at Los Alamos National Laboratory (yes, where the development of the atomic bomb was headed!!)


View our website: nhmfl.lanl.gov


See a cool article I wrote awhile back called New students offer new insights into Laboratory  experience  below.


V. Sue Cleveland High School Yearbook


print design

My yearbook days were long and amazing - they were 5 very important formative years in terms of graphic design for me, and I of course and truly did gained lifelong friends (who are now also artists and coders and designers and photographers), and not to mention a second mom, throughout the process.


Check out yearbooks.biz and visit the "SHOWCASE" section and search good ole V. Sue to see what CHS yearbook is up to! (not sure if our 2011 & 2012 showcase years are archived or available or not, but we did win two "Ideas That Fly" spreads two years in a row!)


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